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About Us

About Us

Our company has succeeded in becoming the leading and pioneering brand of the sector in the field of buttons and pushbuttons. We have always been one step ahead with our technical infrastructure in our production and service area, our corporate perspective, and our hardworking, strong and dynamic team. We have become an organization inspired by the elevator industry with our innovative work, which closely follows technological developments and never compromises on quality. We have achieved deep-rooted and strong rises so far, and we will continue to do so.



As Aktel, we know very well the difference between looking and seeing. That’s why maintaining our existence as a company that knows what it’s doing well, maintains its leadership with our corporate structure that aims to be stable and constantly raise targets, is one of our priorities, which is among our priorities.

The solidity of our position in the sector is made possible by the fact that all our employees, from managers to producers, focus on the same goal and progress together in our common line.


With an ethical business approach, we aimed to overcome a difficult task that does not forget its commercial or social responsibilities, earns while earning, observes all the rights of employees from management to production, and acts by considering the contributions of the achievements in this field not only to the company but to all humanity.

Although all the work we have done in the past has increased our strength, it is one of our primary goals to reflect this brand value to our new generations, as well as to succeed in becoming a prestigious brand as a result of the correct management of this power.

Trusted Brand

We are proud of being a leading and reliable brand from production to the service we provide, from our global and local sales network to after-sales support.


High Quality